Are parts of your body beginning to take on a distinctive reptilian quality? Exfoliating is a critical part of any good skincare regimen, but it might be time to really get down to business.

Our Wild Mountain all natural salt scrub (coarser than its sugar scrub counterpart) works best on your toughest skin. For most of us, that’s our elbows, knees and heels. Used weekly, it will shed the weather-beaten look, allowing soft, new skin to take its place.

Salt naturally absorbs oil, making our scrub a gentle astringent for acne-prone skin. It’s also worth keeping a jar in the mudroom or at the kitchen sink. There’s nothing like a good salt scrub to rid hands of dirt and oil.

No matter how you use it, always be sure to apply a rich lotion or body butter to maintain your fresh, newfangled skin.

PS – Skip the salt scrub on cracked or irritated areas. Yes, it will sting.

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Salt Scrub
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