Everyone needs a wingman, and that includes your underarms. The big question: what do you want at your side… or under your arm, in this case… and a mere few inches from several critical organs?

There’s that wall of antiperspirants at the local supermarket, all performing the job of tackling the too-many-sweaty-people-in-the-gym aroma. But do you really want to line your armpits with aluminum? Exactly. Effective doesn’t always mean good for you.

In the pursuit of a wingman that’s got your back -- while on the job, through your workout and in the heat of the moment -- you’ll be pleased with the all-day results of our solid deodorant bar.

For smooth, soft and dry skin, the base is made from coconut oil, shea butter and cornstarch. A small amount of beeswax keeps your solid from melting into a puddle. And the all important smell test? A combination of essential oils keeps you comfortable and confident.

Who smells good now? That would be you!

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Natural Deodorant
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All Natural Deodorant without aluminum.