What are the benefits of using a cold processed home-crafted soap versus a commercial soap?  Many!

True handmade soap is made from a combination of soft and hard oils and lye. Once the oils and lye are mixed, a chemical transformation takes place that changes the caustic nature of lye into a substance that has no ill effects. This process is known as saponification. Most commercial or nationally known brands of soap are also made with lye... so why then would handmade soap be better for your skin than commercial soap?
When lye and oils saponify, a natural occurrence takes place. Glycerin is created. Glycerin is a wonderful, natural component of healthy, elastic skin. Glycerin naturally moisturizes the skin and helps it to keep it's healthy glow and feel. Glycerin provides us with that wonderful feeling of soft, smooth, moist skin.  The feeling all of us, men as well as women, want their skin to have.

Ok, so you are still saying to yourself, if the creation of glycerin is part of the soap making process, and commercial soap manufactures use this same process, why is handmade soap better?
Instead of leaving the glycerin in the soap, during their manufacturing process, companies extract the glycerin and replace it with detergents and chemicals. Then they process the glycerin into other products, such as expensive creams and lotions. Have you ever felt the need to apply a cream or lotion after bathing so your skin will feel soft and not tight and dry? This is the reason why. We have had several customers tell us they have stopped using lotion after using our soap.
All of our soaps are made using natural ingredients, no detergents, chemical fillers or preservatives, and retains all of the natural glycerin.  Natural is always better than synthetic. 

Once you bathe with natural handmade soap, you will never want to use a commercial soap again!