Meet Phillip and Mary and Wild Mountain Soap Company

Phillip and Mary Peelish 2014You might be wondering how we got our start. Simple, really. Soap.

Our first batch, “relax,” was a blend of vanilla, lavender and other spices. Despite the minor discussion on which of us would test it first, the difference in skin texture and softness after one visit to the shower was immediate. It sealed our fate -- going back to off-the-shelf-mass-produced soap was not an option.

As we perfected our technique, we began to give bars as gifts. After all, who doesn’t love something handmade, all natural… and good for you. It wasn’t long before our friends were returning, asking to buy what we had been giving away. That was the real turning-point.

Production began in late 2012, selling to local shops, B&B’s, cabin rentals and resorts. We also took to the road, selling at every festival, event and craft show within a two-hour radius. And with the addition of a website… word spread quickly.

Within two short years, our single scent has grown to more than 50. In many instances, our customers have shared their “scented” memories with us – allowing us to create unique blends of which many are Wild Mountain best-sellers.

And the new additions don’t stop there. Our first bar of soap has developed into more than a dozen all-natural products from sugar and salt scrubs to muscle rub and bug repellent. We quickly learned in those first few months the same or similar ingredients that make a bar of soap can make many naturally useful products.

Where can you find us? You can still find us at our favorite local shops and on the craft and festival circuits. But good news, as of September 2014, we opened our first retail shop located in Fayetteville, West Virginia at Dove’s Village Shops right on Route 19. Stop by for a visit. We love experimenting -- creating new scents and trying new things.

So, yes, we might have been born from the hills of West Virginia where the pace of life is just a little slower, but not for Wild Mountain Soap Company. What began as a kitchen-table business outgrew the kitchen long ago.

We invite you to experience first-hand the benefits of our natural soaps and other products -- the way it should be made – with simple ingredients, by our hands.

Phillip and Mary… two West Virginia artisans.